Image of a typical landscape plan showing what types of trees and plants will be placed within the grounds of a property

Landscape Plans

Many planning applications for development projects are subject to conditions that require the submission of landscape plans to mitigate the impact of the development on trees and the surrounding environment.


Over the years of providing BS 5837 tree reports for development sites, we noticed that often the landscape plans provided for the development either by condition or upfront were contrary to the tree retention and protection advice we had already provided.


Our solution to this is to offer landscape plans to clear planning conditions or support an application that seamlessly ties in with our arboricultural report and any other relevant expertise such as ecological reports.


Our arboriculturists work closely with architects, developers, tree officers and local authorities to create comprehensive landscape plans that meet planning requirements while preserving the health and safety of existing trees. 


These plans may include tree protection measures, planting schemes, and other landscape design elements that are carefully crafted to comply with planning conditions and ensure successful project implementation.


Our expertise in tree biology, ecology, and landscape design ensures that landscape plans are tailored to meet the unique needs of each development project, while comprehensively and effectively adhering to the planning condition.

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