Graphical representation showing the results of a decay detection report from a resistograph machine

Tree Decay Detection

For detailed tree inspections where the condition of the interior of the tree needs to be known, we use an IML PD Resi 400 Resistograph, which is the latest and most advanced tree detection microdrill available.


The Resistograph drills into the tree with a 400mm long and 1.2mm wide microdrill.


Resistance to the twist of the drill and to the push against the drill are measured and shown as a dual graph.


We can then interpret whether the tree has decay, cavities or signs of early onset of decay from the readings.


The data obtained from the Resistograph is used to make informed decisions about tree management, including pruning, remedial treatments, or tree removal, ensuring the preservation of tree health and reducing the risk of tree failure.


The effect of the microdrill to the tree is negligible as the needle hole tends to seal very quickly, so air is restricted into the area and any fungal colonisation is therefore quickly thwarted.

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