English woodland

Woodland Management

Woodland management is essentially the sustainable and responsible stewardship of woodland areas. 

Arb are registered as agents with the Forestry Commission to submit management plans and oversee felling licence applications. 


Our expertise in tree biology, ecology, and silviculture can help to implement effective management practices, and we are often asked to assist with woodland management. 


This includes tree planting, selective tree felling, pruning, coppicing, and other techniques to optimise woodland health, biodiversity, and timber production. 


Woodland management also involves habitat creation, wildlife conservation, and monitoring of tree diseases and pests. 


We work closely with landowners, the forestry Commission, conservation organisations, and local authorities to ensure that woodland management is carried out in accordance with industry best practices, environmental regulations, and conservation principles, preserving these valuable natural assets for future generations and maximising the financial return and enjoyment of the woodland for the owner.

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